Tammy Griffith offers voice training and creativity coaching via private and small group Zoom sessions.

For Singers

Explore your creative gifts as you “find your voice” and develop your own unique style.

  • Quality vocal training for all ages and experience levels
  • Beginner to Studio, Stage and Concert
  • Breath and Tone Control
  • Phrasing and Delivery
  • Vocal Correction and Recovery

For Speakers

What does your speaking voice say about you? Your voice is an important aspect of your professional image no matter your line of work.

Maybe you’d like to:

  • Refine your “executive presence”
  • Exude confidence
  • Increase your sales
  • Be looked upon as a leader in your profession
  • Refine your telephone voice
  • Polish your public speaking skills
  • Be more easily understood and avoid repeating yourself
  • Keep your audience engaged during presentations

For All Creatives

Respond to your soul’s yearning for creative fulfillment; discover and/or recover your creative gifts and passions, and incorporate them in your daily life and work. Consider creativity coaching as the ultimate form of self-care!

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