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Vocal Coach: Complete Warm-Up

Does your voice tire? Is your singing inconsistent and unpredictable? Should you be able to sing higher, lower and longer than you do? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, there’s a good change that you need to improve your vocal warm-ups. Athletes warm-up and cool down to maximize performance and avoid injury. If you are a singer, you are a vocal athlete. The principles and interactive exercises on this CD will help you develop a routine of effective vocal warm-ups. These proven exercises have helped singers around the world maximize vocal performance and reduce vocal injury. They can do the same for you.

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Vocal Coach: Complete Expanding Your Range

Do you feel limited in your vocal range? Does your throat tighten as you sing higher or sometimes break or crack? Here is a chance to discover, and utilize your full vocal range. Because the voice is physical, the right exercises can help maximize your range from top to bottom. Be the best you can be and enjoy all your voice has to offer.

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Delivering Dynamic Presentations: Using Your Voice and Body for Impact (Ralph Hillman)

You only get one chance to make a first impression — how you present yourself through body and voice will get your message across! 

  • Discover the crucial factors in establishing credibility and audience trust 
  • Learn the ten voice qualities and the stereotypes associated with them 
  • Change undesirable speaking tendencies into effective habits 

The credibility of the speaker is the single most important factor in any speaker’s success, according to nearly every speech textbook. Communication research reveals the importance of other factors: the speaker’s delivery, appearance, body language, and vocal skills. The use of space affects the speaker-audience relationship: the speaker who is too distant from the audience, rambles aimlessly, or violates the audience’s space works against the audience’s trust. A monotonous voice pattern may not only put some to sleep but irritate and alienate those who manage to stay awake! Hillman covers the whole package, showing how presentation can make all the difference in how well your message is understood. From effective pitch patterns to the amazing impact of posture, Hillman shows how to develop communication behavior that makes a positive first impression and keeps the attention and interest of the audience to the closing words.

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